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ICBC Money Link Card

☆ Brand Profile
ICBC Money Link Card, based on ICBC's complete integration of E-banking service, is a multi-function bank card with completely improved and enhanced function and can provide service of personal settlement, e-Banking, investment and financing and some daily convenient service. ICBC Money Link Card advocates "self, self-determination and self-service" . Owning ICBC Money Link Card, you will find that life becomes more free, more convenient and faster and more colorful. Wherever and whenever you are, Send SMS 95588 or call Telephone Banking 95588 anytime or visit Internet Banking www.icbc.com.cn to experience the fast, flexible and safe services that ICBC Money Link Card brings.


☆ Features and Functions
1. Integrated account, one card with multiple functions
ICBC Money Link Card not only can be used to handle current deposit, but also can be directly used to handle fixed deposit with various contracted period, and the cash can be withdrawn using card which avoids the inconvenience caused by fixed deposit receipt. For currencies, you can directly deposit US dollar to the ICBC Money Link Card and you also can deposit other foreign currencies, such as  Hongkong dollar, Pound, Euro, Canada dollar, Yen etc.. Certainly, regarding deposit period, you can choose current deposit or fixed deposit with various contracted period.
2. Fast and convenient inter-city deposit and withdrawal
With your card and password, you can withdraw cash from any ICBC business office or any UnionPay labeled ICBC ATM, but it's necessary to remind you that you have to pay some commission when you withdraw cash on ICBC ATMs in other places or on other bank's ATMs.
3. Real time Transfer or Remittance
With the card and password, you can transfer money to an ICBC account issued in the same or different places via ICBC business office, ATM, Internet Banking, Telephone Banking and other channels. The fund transferred can reach the target account timely. Through Internet Banking, you can make transfer to the account issued by other banks.
4. Completely integrating E-banking, the finance service spanning space-time
You can enjoy 24-hour unrestricted self-services with ICBC Money Link Card on ATMs, Internet Banking and Telephone Banking.
When you apply for ICBC Money Link Card, you can apply for Internet Banking or Telephone Banking at the same time, or you can go to ICBC business office to register with your ID card and ICBC Money Link Card. Registering in Internet Banking, you can also choose to be individual certificate user to enjoy more safe and comprehensive service offered by Internet Banking.
5. Linking investment and financing service and bringing more valuable
Currently, you can handle various financing businesses, such as fund, F/X trading, stock, T-bond, insurance, gold and other financing services with ICBC Money Link Card, which makes your investment and financing more convenient.
You can use ICBC Money Link Card as your loan repayment account to deal with loan business. If your ICBC Money Link Card has fixed deposit, you can deal with loan business through Internet Banking. After the transaction, the money reaches your account shortly, and you can repay the loan through Internet Banking, which is easy and convenient.
6. Serving daily life and being more considerable
Your ICBC Money Link Card can provide some daily convenient service, for example, you can come to ICBC business office with your ICBC Money Link Card to apply for Bill Payment Link service, so your telephone and mobile fee can be paid automatically on your designated payment date. It is also possible for you to pay for water, electricity and other fees via Internet Banking, Telephone Banking or ATMs. [As services are not totally the same in different branches, please decide the services according to your local branch banks]

☆ Application
You can come to ICBC business office with your own valid ID card for real-time application.

☆ Helpful Tips
1. Keeping of ICBC Money Link Card.

To reduce the risk, it is better to keep ICBC Money Link Card and personal valid ID card in different places. When you input the password on ATM while using ICBC Money Link Card, please pay attention to the surroundings, if there is something in doubt, change your password on ATM as soon as possible, and if the card is swallowed because of malfunction, please contact ICBC staff timely or call 95588 service hotline. While you input password when making consumption, please be caution that the password may be seen by others, so it is better to shelter using hand. Remember to get back the ICBC Money Link Card and transaction receipt.
2. Reporting the lost of ICBC Money Link Card.
If your ICBC Money Link Card is lost or stolen, please report the loss immediately. Please refer to "Report of Loss" section for details about the loss reporting flow.
3. Changing ICBC Money Link Card.
If your ICBC Money Link Card cannot be used normally because of breaking or bad magnetic strip, you can go to ICBC business office with your own valid ID card and the broken ICBC Money Link Card to change.
4. Dealing with the swallowing of ICBC Money Link Card.
If your card is swallowed by ATM, during three workdays after the swallowing (since the next day of the swallowing) you can go to the business office where the ATM is subject to with your own valid ID card to get back your card. If you forget to have your card get back after 30 days, the bank will destroy the card according to the related regulations. During the process of getting your card back, please don't tell your password to others. If your card is swallowed by an ATM which belongs to other UnionPay member, please draw your card in 3 workdays. If you don't draw it back after the period, the business office which the ATM belongs will destroy the card according to the related regulations.

The above is for reference only. Details refer to the rules drawn up by local ICBC branch. To save your time, please call your local ICBC before applying for the service.

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