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Online Bill Payment Service for Merchants

I. Introduction
Online bill payment service for merchants is a service that ICBC collects fees from personal and corporate customers through Internet Banking as agent of the retail enterprises.

II. Target Client
Clients demanding online fee collection.

III. Features
Reduce costs of the retail enterprises and increase the efficiency of fee collection

IV. Application Condition
1. If the fee collector is a registered enterprise, he should present the Business License Duplicate and its copy. 
2. Other materials required by the account opening ICBC branch.

V. Sign up
1. For clients who have not registered for Corporate Internet Banking, you need to fill out the ICBC Internet Banking Corporate Client Registration Application Form and the General Bill Payment Service Information Form. For registered clients, you need to fill out the Application Form for ICBC Internet Banking Corporate Clients to Modify (Cancel) Items and the General Bill Payment Service Information Form.
2. Sign the ICBC Bill Payment Service Agreement. Newly registered Corporate Internet Banking clients need also sign the ICBC E-banking Corporate Client Service Agreement. 
3. If the client wants to open the special bill payment service offered by the ICBC branch, he should sign the Bill Collection Agency Agreement with the bank, and participate in development and application of the special service.

Ⅵ. Service Channel and Time
Corporate Internet Banking provides 7×24 hour non-stop services.

Ⅶ. Product Link
Online fee collection

Ⅷ. Considerations
The businesses that the client charge fee from must be within the scope of business recorded in his Business License, or there are other legal proofs to justify that his fee collection.

Ⅸ. Definition
1. Online bill payment service: A set of services that ICBC cooperate with the fee collectors to provide the personal and corporate customers, including online inquiry on payment information, Online bill payment of various fees.
2. General bill payment service: ICBC collect fees from personal and corporate customers through Internet Banking for registered Corporate Internet Banking clients (collector). Clients who have opened this service can collect fees on the Internet Banking platform of ICBC, and need not develop fee collection and management system by themselves. 
3. Branch bank's special bill payment service: ICBC uses ICBC Internet Banking and the intermediary business platform to cooperate with local collectors to offer services such as online inquiry and bill payment to personal customers.

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