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ICBC Brand of Happy Loan

☆ Introduction
ICBC Happy Loan is an ICBC Brand of all personal loan services, covering 20+ personal loan products under three large categories of personal housing Loan, personal consumer loan and personal business loan. Named as Happy Loan, the service is designed to offer quality, efficient credit facility, helping meet your financing demand, improve your life quality, start your own business and embark on a bright future.

☆ Features
(I) A Variety of Loan Offerings
ICBC Happy Loan represents a variety of loan offerings, covering not only over 20 personal loan products, but also characteristic features such as revolving loan, Card-Loan Link and e-Revolving Loan, all designed to meet your finance demand. ICBC Happy Loan has the following features:
Various purposes: various loan offerings to meet your demands including business, car purchase, education, medical treatment, home decoration, travel, durable goods purchase and house purchase;
Many guarantee options: Your loan can be backed by mortgage, pledge, guarantee (including guarantee by natural person, joint guarantee by merchants) or portfolio guarantee that enable you to get loan easily.
Different drawdown channels: You can draw loan at ICBC counter or through merchant POS or electronic banking by yourself. (This function is only available in some loan products);
Different drawdown options: You can draw loan one-time or apply for revolving loan. Apply once, use revolvingly, borrow and repay anytime, fast and convenient;
Many ways to repay loan: eleven repayment options are available to best suit your cash flow.
(II) Professional team of customer managers
ICBC's team of more than 10,000 experienced customer managers is ready to offer advice and services for you to apply ICBC personal loans. Our customer managers can prepare tailored plan based on your income, expense and family assets, and offer suggestion to reasonably allocate your cash flow. They will help you go through the simplest steps in the shortest span from application, approval and drawdown to obtain ICBC personal loans. Use one of the two ways below to contact our customer managers:
Contact our customer managers at any ICBC outlet across the country;
Login Personal Internet Banking, go to "Personal Loan" and state out what type of loan you need. Our customer manager will contact you accordingly.
(III) Comprehensive value-added services
ICBC's unique star-class services for personal customers offer more benefits and convenience for you. Your personal loan is important to rate you as an ICBC star-class customer. When your personal loan reaches a certain amount, you are immediately entitled to the respective star-class services, also banking charges at a discount or free.

The above is for reference only. Details refer to the rules drawn up by local ICBC branch. To save your time, please call your local ICBC before applying for the service.
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