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Gold Repo

☆ Introduction
This is a service for investors to cash in physical gold at real-time price whenever necessary. Pure gold or any gold products bought via different service channels can be easily "turned into cash", provided the gold meets the related rules. The service is aimed to protect the investment value of gold for investors.

☆ Features
Fast and easy: Gold prices are quoted in real-time referencing latest market price;
Wide range: No "threshold", ICBC buys back all gold, Au99.0 or above;
Fast cash in: Amount after selling gold is credited into your account in real-time for your urgent need;
Good reputation: Full transparency in testing and buying back your gold.

☆ Steps
1. Bring your physical gold, valid identity document, certificate of gold, invoice (if any) to ICBC outlet with the service available;
2. Read the terms and conditions, fill in necessary voucher, sign and confirm;
3. ICBC outlet tests the quality of your gold;
4. You confirm the purity, actual weight and price of the gold you sell, if you agree, ICBC will pay the amount in real-time.

☆ Service Channel
1. ICBC outlets for buying back ICBC gold:
All solid gold (gold bar, gold bullion, gold medallion) of 99.99% purity sold by ICBC, no conspicuous flaw, in perfect conditions. 
2. ICBC outlets for buying back gold:
These ICBC outlets buy back physical gold of 99.0% purity or above.

☆ Service Hours
9:30-11:30, 13:30-15:30
Services are not available on Saturday, Sunday, national and public holidays

☆ Prices
ICBC price of buying back gold is the basic price minus a certain price gap. The basic price refers to the real-time closing price of Shanghai Gold Exchange for Au99.99 contracts. For further information, contact local ICBC outlets with the service available.