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Accumulation of Ruyi Gold

☆ Introduction
"Accumulation of Ruyi Gold" is a service for customers to accumulate Ruyi gold bars at own choice or in regular periods once an account is opened in ICBC. Ruyi Gold accumulated can be redeemed in cash or drawn at ICBC in physical bars.

☆ Target Clients
All individual customers who open accounts in ICBC.

☆ Features and Advantages
(1) Suitable for individual customers. Customers with ICBC Moneylink Card, ICBC Elite Club Card or current account passbook can open account for accumulation of Ruyi Gold.
(2) Flexible investment options. Customers can accumulate at own choice or in regular periods, in units of amount or grams. Customers can redeem or draw the gold bars once accumulated at a certain level.
(3) Low investment threshold, amass larger quantities through regular small investments. Accumulation can be in units of amount or grams with an initial minimum of RMB 200 or 1 gram, very suitable for individual customers to buy gold continuously in a small amount.
(1) Invest in gold 7×24 hours via ICBC Personal Internet Banking.
(2) The service offers customers the choice of drawing physical gold to avoid the hassle of keeping daily.
(3) Constant investment in regular periods and fixed amount can share the cost of holding gold, reduce price risk due to the short-term price fluctuations.
(4) Customers can choose to draw the accumulated gold at any ICBC outlet in the area.
(5) Size and quantity of Ruyi Gold drawn are flexible according to customers' own needs.

☆ Application Conditions
Individual customers holding ICBC RMB deposit passbook, Moneylink Card or Elite Club Account.

☆ Sign Up
Step 1. Sign ICBC "Ruyi Gold" Accumulation Program Agreement with ICBC.
Step 2. Open an account for Accumulation Program and bind the account with ICBC bank account.
Step 3. Accumulate at own choice and pick any time to buy gold, or sign agreement to accumulate in regular periods.
Step 4. Draw Ruyi gold bars of corresponding specification at ICBC outlets based on the account balance. Or, redeem the balance into RMB.

☆ Service Channel and Time
Option I: Counter service: service hours for the service (same as the working hours of outlets)
Option II: Internet Banking service: 9:00-22:30 every day

☆ Tips
1. Two options for accumulation of precious metals: buy individually or in regular periods. To buy individually, go to "Buy accrued physical precious metals", or set up an accumulation program to buy gold in regular periods with fixed amount or grams.
2. Ruyi Gold can be drawn at any ICBC outlet in your area. No need to go to the account opening outlet.
3. If you wish to draw Ruyi Gold, follow the steps stated in the menu "gold withdrawal steps and outlet locator", contact the outlet to make sure whether your specification is available, then go to the outlet to draw the gold.

☆ Considerations
1. Do not stop when gold price is low. Gold price may go up or down depending on the political and economic conditions and many other factors. Only by constant accumulation will the overall investment cost be reduced. 
2. Persistence is the key. Investment risk is reduced by the average cost, the longer the investment period, the better in mitigating the impact of the fluctuation in gold price. When the market rallies, the gain will be protected and increase the investment.
1. Trading hours for accumulation of Ruyi Gold?
Every day 9:00-22:30, you can buy Ruyi Gold under an accumulation program.
2. How many dates each month to choose from for my monthly purchase?
Current accumulation program offers three dates every month: 5th, 15th and 25th. Customers can choose either one.
3. What are the physical golds can be withdrawn under the accumulation program?
Currently restricted to Ruyi gold bars. You cannot draw gold coins or other products.
4. When will the accumulation program agreement be in force?
The agreement starts effective on the next day, i.e., if the agreement states the monthly purchase is on the 5th, the first purchase starts on the 5th of next month.
5. Can I have many accumulation programs?
Yes. You can choose different dates for the monthly purchase, e.g. you can set two accumulation programs with monthly purchase completed on the 5th and 25th each month.
6. Will money be deducted later if current monthly purchase fails due to insufficient amount?
No. No deduction again if current monthly purchase fails. If monthly purchase cannot be completed for three months continuously, the accumulation program will be automatically terminated.

☆ Risk Warning
Prices of gold may fluctuate depending on the political and economic conditions and other sudden events. Investors should give full consideration on risks and losses that may be incurred.