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Retail Banking

Q1:How to apply for an individual account?
A1:Anybody with legal identification in India could apply for an individual account at our bank with following document:
1. Valid India passport/ driver license/vote card/foreign passport with employee visa.
2. PAN card.
3. Address proof (i.e. banking statement, Electricity bill, Phone bill, lease agreement and so on. All the documents should not exceed last 3 months).
4. Completed and dully signed “Account application form”.
5. Other documents required by ICBC Mumbai Branch if necessary.
-  According to the legal requirement, the bank account is under the local regulation, being subject to the law.
-  Customer can only apply for account for self-use purpose.

Q2:Do I need to apply for the account in person?
A2:Yes. You could submit the document by email or fax for preview, but should apply for it in person.

Q3:Is personal loan service available for retail customer?
A3:Not at the moment.

Q4:What should I do if I want close my account?
A4:Please close the account in person with a valid ID.

Q5: What kind of currency is available for FX Spot trade?
A5: CNY, USD, EUR, etc.

Internet Banking

Q6:When you login to internet banking for the first time the password box and the verification code box shows red cross?
A6:When logging in for the first time, possibly no Active X control software has been installed, so it prompts this error message. To make sure you select the right version (32 bit or 64 bit) you should determine your system. First right click "My Computer", select "Properties and then system type" to determine the type of operating system, then download and install the corresponding "online banking assistant."

Q7:If you enter the wrong password several consecutive times, what will happen?
A7:If in one day the wrong password is entered three times in a row your internet banking will be temporarily blocked. The next day it will be unblocked.
If the wrong password is entered 10 times, your internet banking will be permanently frozen. Customers will need to visit the branch to reset their password in order to continue using online banking services.

Q8:What should the customer do when they forgot their password?
A8:Customers will need to visit the bank and bring their ID in order to reset the password at the counter.

Q9: How to verify e-receipt?
A9: E-receipt means one certain receipt printed online by the customer to enquire about the same day and historical transaction details. No matter whether you login or not, you could verify the e-receipt by e-receipt no., Card/Account No., Debit Amount, Time Stamp and Verification Code (This receipt is not the delivery evidence of the beneficiary, and please don't keep accounts repeatedly).