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Auditing and Reimbursement for Expenditures by Corporate Cards

I. Introduction 
Auditing and reimbursement for expenditures by corporate cards refers to services ICBC offers to its corporate clients which include auditing and reimbursement for expenditures made by the corporate cards. The enterprises' financial clerks can audit and reimburse the expenditures made by the corporate cards by increasing refund records, maintain refund records and reimbursement of expenses.

II. Target Client
State administrative departments, enterprises and institutions, group enterprises, international corporations, and large-scale distributors using corporate cards.

III. Features
In support of various types of cards including credit card and semi-credit card, and also online reimbursement.

IV. Application Condition
Clients of ICBC corporate Internet banking and Bank-enterprise Interlink (General edition)

V. Sign up
You need only fill out the ICBC Corporate Card Information Maintenance Form and apply for opening a corporate card account to use this service.

Ⅵ. Service Channel and Time
ICBC corporate Internet banking and Bank-enterprise Interlink (General edition) provide 7×24 non-stop services.

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