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Personal Internet Banking

I. Introduction
Personal Internet Banking, under the brand name of "Banking@Home", is an internet banking channel that provides personal customers of good credit reputation holding the current account or fixed account opened in ICBC Mumbai Branch with online financial services, including account management, transfer and remittance.

II. Features
1. Safe and Reliable: a rigorous standard digital certification system with VeriSign authenticated website.
2. Strong Functions: multi-account management that facilitates you and your family financial management; personalized functions and tips that show your special status.
3. Convenient and fast service: 24 hours of online service that transcends time and space and saves your time and energy; account management with all details of transactions clearly displayed; fast and convenient transfer and remittance.
4. Abundant Information: provides you with the inquiry of bank interest, FX rate and other information. It also provides you with detailed function introduction, operation guide, help document and demo programs so as to help you learn comprehensively about all the functions of the system.

III. Internet Banking Application
1. You should provide valid ID and the account of ICBC Mumbai Branch for registration, and the type and number of the ID for applying ICBC Personal Internet Banking must be in accordance with the ID used for applying the bank account.
2. You should submit the material: "Personal Internet Banking Application Form". You must be aware of the "Terms and Conditions of Internet Banking Service".
3. You need to provide the corresponding medium if you bring your USB-Shield.

IV. First-time Login
Depending on the settings of your computer you might be asked to download add-ons or change settings, before you reach our login page. More information about this you can read below at user information. We will continue now with the procedure for first time login.

If you came to our office and applied for Internet Banking, you were asked to enter a 6 digit password. This password you can use only one time, as the system will force you to change the password into a new password with a combination of case sensitive letters, numbers, etc. Also the ID number, which you used to open the account, will be asked at first time login.

After you have logged in with your 19 digit account number and password, you are offered the possibility to create your own username. You can also deny the option to create a username, and create one later through menu-item “customer service” within the Internet Banking. After you have taken these steps the system will automatically log off and process your new setting. Within a couple of seconds you can log-in again with your (new) username and password.

V. User Information
1. Internet Banking Menu
The Internet Banking menu consists of the following main options:
- Welcome page
To search within the Internet Banking and read security tips
- Account and/or portfolio management
To check accounts, make nick names (alias), manage agreements and report of losses online
- Transfer registration
To make transfers within your own accounts
- External transfer
To make transfers to other ICBC Mumbai Branch Accounts.
- Fixed Deposit
To open time deposit, or review existing deposits
- Customer Service
To read messages, manage customer details and personalize settings

2. System Requirements
In order to experience a smooth experience with Internet Banking you need to comply with the following requirements:
- Operating system
Our Internet Banking needs Microsoft Windows or Mac as the operating system. In the future our Internet Banking will also be prepared for computers with a Linux operating system.
- Browser
Currently our Internet Banking supports the use of Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers.

You can find helpful advice in our Internet Banking manual in order to check if your PC/ Browser has the right settings e.g. with regard to the pop-up blocker, security settings and active x-control.

3. Security
Besides the encrypted connection to our login page, which you can recognize by the “S” in the web address starting with “Https..” and closed “locker” symbol (If you click on it you should see that VeriSign issued a certificate to Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited, Beijing, Beijing, CN), it is also important that you can recognize several types of crime like “fishing”, “malware” and “possible identity fraud”.

It is important to make use of computers with the up-to-date virus protection, active firewalls and the latest browser versions.

ICBC makes use of several security methods to protect your privacy, and controls movements by verifications, USB-Shield and passwords. Also we have personalized your welcome page, and give instructions about necessary browser settings.

- False login attempts and definite block
Your username will automatically freeze for a day after you tried to login 3 times with an incorrect password. If your username has been frozen for 10 times, it will have a permanent block. We can only unblock the username when you identify yourself at our counter in Mumbai. 
- USB-Shield
Our USB-Shield is needed for you to authorize your orders. USB-Shield is a client certificate introduced by ICBC with a patent, as well as a high-level security tool provided by the Bank for e-banking services.
USB-Shield is embedded with a micro smart card processor, which encrypts, decrypts and signs digital signatures on e-banking transaction data through a digital certificate to ensure the confidentiality and tamper-resistance of the transaction data and the uniqueness of identity authentication.

Retrieve username and/ or forgot password?

Our security policy directs to divide the channels by which passwords and usernames are issued.
Passwords can be entered personally in our system at our counter, and the username is pre-defined by your account number. After the first login you can make a more user-friendly username.

- Retrieve username
If you forgot your username but still know your password, you can also use your 19 payment account number as a username. Under “customer service” and “Set logon option” you can find back your Username. If you do not have your account number available, you can go to “user management” on the login page and complete the verification details to retrieve your username in the screen.
- Forgot password
Your password can not be re-issued on the line. If you forgot your password it is only possible to come to our counter with your ID. We will reset the system and give you the opportunity to enter a 6 digit password. After you login the first time, the system will force you to make a new password with a combination of Case sensitive letters and numbers just like when you used internet banking for the very first time. You can still send us order forms to execute e.g. payments, etc.

VI. Risks
1. After using Internet Banking each time, please click the "Secure Log Out" button on the up-right part of the page to terminate the use, and meanwhile remove the USB-Shield and keep it safely.
2. When you log on Internet Banking, please be careful to avoid fraudulency of fake ICBC website. In order to help you identify fake website, ICBC provides you with anti-fishing website security control, which you can download and install.
3. If you use the business models of "USB-Shield", please carefully check whether payee account and trade amount are in accordance with the current transaction.

Responsibility Statement: The contents on this page are for reference only. The ultimate power of interpretation is under the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited Mumbai Branch.