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Characteristic Business

A. Overseas Loan under Domestic Guarantee
Overseas Loan under Domestic Guarantee is a kind of characteristic business that under the unconditional and irrevocable counter-guarantee issued by the Chinese enterprises, a domestic branch of ICBC issues letters of guarantee (including standby letters of credit) for wholly-owned subsidiaries or shareholding enterprises registered in India (hereinafter referred to as India-invested enterprises) to ICBC Mumbai Branch as the beneficiaries of the guarantee, and ICBC Mumbai Branch provides financing services to India-invested enterprises. ICBC Mumbai Branch could provide this guarantee financing service for India-invested enterprises, especially the subordinate body of China-registered company of high quality.

B. Export Buyer's Credit
Export Buyer's Credit is a kind of characteristic business offered to Indian buyers, buyer's banks or government agencies with medium and long-term foreign currency loans including refinancing by ICBC under the insurance of China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation to purchase goods or services exported by China. ICBC Mumbai branch could provide this financing service for medium or large manufacturing enterprises in China in favor of their global business.