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I. FAQs about Online Banking Logon
1. Upon inputting the password for logon, it will prompt "User Dialogue Timeout" or exit directly.
① Client IP address is not fixed;
② LAN overtime is set too short.
Solution: contact your LAN management personnel for settlement.

2. When USB-shield is used on a lap-top computer, it prompts: more than one USB-shield / Smart Card is connected. What does it mean?
Answer: this problem is due to that the lap-top computer is connected to such external devices as camera or the Bluetooth function of the computer enabled; you are recommended to pull out the external device and close the Bluetooth function before undertaking any transaction again.

3. Why there is no certificate information in the certificate selection box popped out when using the online banking?
① USB-shield is not inserted;
② Driver of USB-shield is not completely installed;
③ IE has not completed the certificate import.
① Check if USB-shield is properly inserted and try to change the USB port;
② Unload the existing certificate driver and use ICBC Online Banking Assistant to reinstall the driver and optimize;
③ Set up a new operating system user, use the new user to login and reinstall the driver and Active X.

4.In operating the online banking, the password box pops up frequently, requiring for input of password.
① Client IP address is not fixed;
② Client is infected with virus;
③ IE security grade is set too high (or too low).

① Clear IE cookies and temporary files, set IE security grade as Moderate, and set the relevant item of Active X as "Enable";
② To access the online banking, use a fixed public IP address;
③ Upgrade the virus library of anti-virus software and scan for virus;
④ As for the computer accessing the internet via a router, set MTU value of the router between 1460 and 1490;
⑤ Set up a new Windows system user, log in with the new user and reinstall the driver and Active X.

5.Upon logging in each time, it prompts: "this page contains not only secured content, but also unsecured content; Please confirm if display the unsecured content?" How to handle this?
Answer: Open IE, click "Tool - INTERNET Option - Security - Custom Level" and change "Display mixed content" as "Enable".

6. What is the reason that USB-shield indicator is not lit?
① Computer's USB port is damaged or improperly contacted; please try with another USB port;
② USB extension cable has inadequate power supply or an improper contact; please try by inserting USB-shield into the USB port at the back of the computer;
③ USB-shield is damaged; contact the bank for a new USB-shield.

7. Upon logging in Corporate Online Banking, an error prompting is displayed as: "Ox044fda04" memory is referenced for Ox7C34178f' instruction, which cannot be written". What to do?
Reasons: problem with IE explorer or WINDOWS operating system.
Solution: please contact your computer manager for assistance.

8. Whiling installing with USB-shield driver disk, the client computer often indicates: "system does not support the installation program" and thus installation fails. What to do?
Answer: USB-shield CD driver is outdated; through ICBC website, download the latest driver.

9. Question: why failing to access the online banking login page or input in the password box?
Answer: if a customer has never accessed the website of ICBC, it will display, upon logging in the home page, such wording as: "this website may require the following Active X item: 'ICBC Security Active X' from 'Industrial and Commercial Bank of China' (please select to install)', click here to install" .

10. Installation steps: (1) point the mouse to [System Setup Guide] in the important instruction on the login frame and press; (2) select "Install Active X" to install the e-certificate issued by Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, before you can log in ICBC online banking through an encrypted channel.

II. FAQs about Online Banking Transaction

1.After clicking "Confirm" for submitting instruction, it fails to pop up the password input box and at the left lower corner of IE, it prompts "webpage error". How to solve this problem?
Reasons: installation of sign-in Active X fails
①Temporarily close the third-party surfing reject tool (such as 3721 Surfing Assistant).
②Using the optimization guide of the online banking assistant, optimize and update the sign-in Active X.

2.For account transfer and remittance, the verification code box shows a red cross and verification code cannot be keyed in.
Reasons: installation of security Active X is not completed
Solution: Install the security Active X.

3.With the password input for remittance through online banking, the webpage fails to respond for a long time. How to solve this problem?
Reasons: Client website MTU value fails to comply.
Solution: contact the network administrator for settlement.

4. Upon inputting a correct verification code on online banking, it prompts "Illegal Verification Code"
Reasons: due to the third-party software (such as anti-virus software or virus).
Solution: refer to the troubleshooting of the third-party software

5.Upon making payment via online banking, it repeatedly prompts to install Active X, which cannot be installed in any way. How to solve this problem?
Answer: After using the online banking for the first time or the online banking Active X is upgraded, the system will prompt for installing one or several Active X; if the system prompts repeatedly for installing one Active X, it indicates a failure in installing Active X and it is necessary to download, from the home page, and install "Security Active X Program".

6. When the client makes payment with corporate certificate, the system prompts "Error code 41189, database error", and renewing fails.
Reasons: renewing fails
Solution: please approach the outlet for renewing formality.

7. When making payment via online banking, payees cannot be selected.
Reasons: due to the reason of network or IE, the online banking system fails to download the complete information of payees.
①Clear the webpage temporary files;
②Open the Temp File and set up the option of "check each time accessing this page" therein;
③Upon logging in the online banking system, do not operate in a hurry and please wait for the webpage to download completely before making any remittance.

8. What does the error code "7923" displayed upon remitting via online banking mean?
Answer: the error code "7923" represents the transaction is rejected for a receiving account that has been inactive for long. You are requested to contact the opposite party for confirmation of the account status.

9. Online banking is properly logged on, but the display fails to respond after payment instruction is submitted.
Answer: you may have logged in the online banking system via LAN and MTU value of the router is incorrect or the network has any problem. Please contact your network administrator for settlement.

10. For payment, the box of payee's names and account numbers shows only the current account, without any option for transferring to any arbitrary account number. How to resolve this problem?
①The function is not enabled to make payments to any account number;
②Downloading of relevant data from the server fails (network interruption).
①Check the accounting-opening data and, if the function is not enabled to make payments to any account number, please complete the application form for such function;
②Clear the cookies and temporary files of IE and set IE Security Level to moderate;
③Avoid operating during the network peak.

11.Why does the authorizer fail to check the instruction after the operator succeeds in submitting the instruction?
1) Instruction exceeds the maximum limit of the said authorizer;
2) The authorizer and the submitter enter different functional modules;
①Request the authorizer to check the maximum limit of the authorization card in the Customer Service Column; if necessary, fill in the form to increase the relevant limit of the said authorization card as well as request the authorizer with the relevant authority to authorize.
②Guide the authorizer to authorize the instructions in the functional module where the submitter submits instructions.

12.Upon submission of a payment instruction, the system displays a state of "wait for the bank to process". Generally, how long will it take the bank to process?
Answer: it will generally take one working day for processing ordinary instructions.

13.During account transfer, it reports a 4398 error.
Reasons: the cumulative amount of payments for the debit account within the period exceeds the limit.
Solution: apply to the bank for increasing the cumulative amount of payments for debit account for a specific period.

14.When submitting batch files on IE7 or IE8, it reports "failure to open the files". How to solve this problem?
Reasons: IE setup error.
Solution: open IE "Internet Option" - "Security" - "Custom Level", find the item of "upload the file to the server with the current directory path", and change it to "Enable".

15.While remitting, after entering the verification code, I click Confirm, but the system displays "Thanks for using the online banking" and the transaction is rejected.
①IP address is not fixed;
②LAN overtime is set too short.
Solution: contact your network administrator for settlement.

16.Upon submitting batch instructions for payment through online banking, the system feeds back: "file format error"
Reasons: due to the non-ICBC account number selected as paying account number when submitting batch files; the generated instruction sequence number starts with HIZ.
Solution: as long as select the ICBC account number for the paying account number when submitting instruction.

17.Upon submitting batch instructions for payment through online banking, the system feeds back: "total amount in uploading file is inconsistent"
Reasons: due to the error of using the batch inter-bank intra-city offline module for relevant file of batch payment module while submitting batch files, for different modules correspond to different file formats.
Solution: correctly use the relevant modules.

18. If the client has an ICBC account in China, can he check the relevant account data in China after applying successfully for the online banking at ICBC Mumbai Branch?
Answer: temporarily, the function of checking other ICBC accounts than ICBC Mumbai Branch is not available.

19. Is there any upper limit for increasing the number of accounts for online banking?
Answer: so far, there is no limit for increasing the number of accounts on online banking.

20. Can accounts be added or deleted on online banking?
Answer: to add or delete any account, the online banking client must approach the counter for processing.

III. FAQs about Online Banking Security Control
1.What security measures have been taken for online banking?
Answer: during the course of designing, developing and operating the online banking system, ICBC has always considered securing in the first place. In this regard, we have taken the following measures:
①.In terms of data network transmission, high-strength SSL encryption means for secure communication are taken to protect the user information against any external steal and revision.
②.In terms of ID authentication, 1024-bit asymmetric cipher with highest security in the world is used to set up a public key security system, which can effectively authenticate user ID, confirm ID of authorized users and check the digital signature of users. Additionally, customer certificate uses USB-shield and IC card as storage media with coprocessor, supporting asymmetric RSA arithmetic, as has greatly increased the security of online banking.
③.In terms of the network framework of the whole system, multi-layer firewall and one security proxy are set up to prevent any unauthorized person from invasion and protect the security of the whole system.
④.In term of transaction processing, e-payment instruction include one payment password, which needs to be accepted of pledge as correct before payment can be made. Additionally, a perfect and strict internal control system has been established. After all, ICBC adopts the transaction and technical double security mechanism to enhance the security of online banking.

2. How to recover the logon password of online banking certificate if it is forgotten?
Answer: approach the counter for password resetting by presenting valid materials.

3. How to login the online banking service of ICBC Mumbai Branch?
Answer: the customer can explore the website of ICBC Mumbai Branch:, and then select [Online Banking] on the left of the page to display the online banking logon page.

4. To login the online banking, what should a new customer pay attention to for initial revision of the logon password?
Answer: key instructions for changing the password upon initial logon of online banking:
A. Original password: 6-digit numbers
B. New password: 6~30-digit combination of letters and numbers (with distinction between capital and lowercase English letters)
C. ID card number: enter English letters and numbers only, excluding (), / and other signs, e.g.: A123456

5.How many times are allowed for error entry of logon password? What to do if it is the case?
Answer: if an online banking customer enters an error password 6 times upon logging on, the online banking will be temporarily locked up. It will be unlocked the following day. After cumulative error entry reaches 10 times, online banking is locked and the customer needs to approach in person the service outlet for resetting the password before the online banking service can be used again.

6. What is a "USB-shield"?
Answer: USB-shield is a security product of ICBC with national patent and a tool for e-signing and digital authentication of online banking, which assures your fund safety by ensuring the confidentiality, authenticity, integrity and non-repudiation of online transactions.

7. How to update the version of e-certificate "USB-shield"?
Answer: steps for updating USB-shield:
A. Insert USB-shield into the computer's USB port;
B. Log on online banking and select [Customer Service – Certificate Management – Certificate Self-service Updating];
C. Display the page for certificate downloading and click [Start Downloading];
D. In password entry prompting box, enter the certificate password and click [Confirm] button to proceed with downloading;
E. Certificate updating succeeds, displaying Certificate ID, time of expiry and other information; the starting date of the server is the current day and the service period is extended for 5 years accordingly.

8. How to revise the setup password of e-certificate "USB-shield"?
Answer: steps for updating USB-shield password: upon logging on online banking, change the USB-shield password in [Customer Service – Certificate Management - Certificate Password Updating], or revise in the driver.

9. What to do if a customer has the e-certificate "USB-shield" lost?
Answer: in case of losing the e-certificate "USB-shield", the online banking customer is requested to approach in person the service outlet for loss reporting and a replacement key.

10. Can the "USB-shield" for online banking of ICBC Mumbai Branch also be used for ICBC online banking in China?
Answer: e-certificate "USB-SHIELD" of ICBC Mumbai Branch: for online banking of Mumbai Branch only

11.Can the e-certificate USB-shield be mailed to a new customer?
Answer: customers must collect the e-certificate USB-shield personally from the counter at a service outlet.

IV.FAQS for Types of Online Banking Services
1.Is there any limit for the number of certificates a customer can apply?
Answer: no limit

2.What is e-receipt?
Answer: E-receipt means one certain receipt printed online by the corporate customer to enquire about the same day and historical transaction details. This receipt is not the delivery evidence of the beneficiary, and please don't keep accounts repeatedly.

3. What to do if the payment deadline for the corporate certificate expires?
Answer: 1) Log on the online banking for self-service payment; 2) pay at your account-opening business office.

4. When will an online banking instruction be automatically cancelled if the account has an inadequate balance when submitting such instruction? Will it automatically make the payment when the balance becomes adequate the following day?
Answer: the system will directly reject such instruction and will not automatically make the payment when the account has an adequate balance again.

5. What is the difference between basic authorization and combined authorization of online banking certificate?
Answer: In case of wishing for acceptance in one single authorization, select "Level-1 Authorization" and fill in the limit for "Basic Authorization"; in case of wishing for authorization twice, apply for two second-type certificates, select "Level-1 Authorization" for the certificate of primary authorization and fill in the limit of "Combined Authorization", select "Level-2 Authorization" for the certificate of secondary authorization and fill in the limit of "Combined Authorization". The combined authorization limit of the two certificates must be both greater than the instruction amount before authorization may be accepted. One certificate can have two authorization modes simultaneous and different limits.

6. Will the online banking be simultaneously changed when an enterprise changes the user's name?
Answer: it will not be changed simultaneously.

7. If I enquire about the historical details of the account via online banking, will display aggregately the debit / credit amounts and number of deals?
Answer: an aggregate display of the debit / credit amounts and number of deals with the online banking certificate.

8. Upon operating the payment transaction via online banking, if the primary authorizer fails to authorize the account transfer instruction, will the secondary authorizer be able to see such instruction?
Answer: the secondary authorizer can see the instruction information through the instruction enquiry function, but cannot authorize before the primary authorizer completes the authorization.

9. Can any ID without any payment authority carry out the self-service payment of annual fees?
Answer: an ID without any payment authority can carry out the self-service payment of annual fees.

10. After remitting within the system of ICBC through online banking, can I check if the opposite party has received it?
Answer: you can apply to the account-opening business office for account enquiry; after the branch central transaction processing depot receives such application, the position of such transaction can be checked via the fund remittance and transfer system.

11. Upon submitting a payment instruction using a certificate with a basic authority of "0" limit, can this instruction be inquired via online banking?
Answer: you can check the instruction via the instruction enquiry function of online banking.

12. What is SWIFT CODE of ICBC Mumbai Branch?
Answer: SWIFT CODE of ICBC Mumbai Branch is ICBKINBB;

13. Who can apply for online banking?
Answer: the applicant must be a customer of ICBC Mumbai Branch with current account.